What Montanans Need to know

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10/16/20: Voters in Billings need to see and hear that Raph Graybill, a 5th generation Montanan, will bring independence and integrity to the Attorney General’s office, fighting for affordable healthcare and public lands while Austin Knudsen is a partisan extremist who will gut protections for pre-existing conditions and sell off our public lands to the highest bidder.


Three of our attorney generals, Republican and Democrat, past and future – Tim Fox, Steve Bullock, and Raph Graybill – all agree on access to public lands, access to affordable healthcare for people with pre-existing conditions, and stopping dark money in our elections. Only one candidate, Austin Knudsen, disagrees with all three on all these issues and doesn’t share our Montana values. 


Public Lands Proof Points:

Raph Graybill understands that the threat to our public lands by extremist politicians, like Austin Knudsen, is real, and threatens the character of our state. He is an angler and gun owner who grew up fishing on Montana’s public lands. That’s why Raph has fought to defend access to our public lands in Montana’s supreme court – and won. 


In Montana, protecting public lands is a bipartisan issue. But Knudsen is an extremist and one of the only Republicans in Montana who openly supports selling and privatizing public lands. He voted to gut Montana’s famous stream access law and is even suing a group of veterans in his hometown, blocking them from accessing their own public park.

Healthcare Proof Points:

Raph Graybill knows that Montanans can’t afford to lose their healthcare during a pandemic. Graybill agrees with Republican Attorney General Tim Fox that it would be a disaster for rural hospitals and people with pre-existing conditions if Montana were to join the lawsuit to end the Affordable Care Act. As Attorney General, Graybill will fight to stop these dangerous efforts and will keep Montanans healthy and safe. 


Austin Knudsen says the whole reason he’s running for Attorney General is to join an extremist lawsuit to kill the Affordable Care Act, which would be a disaster for Montana. We’d lose 10,000 jobs. Over 400,000 Montanans with pre-existing conditions could see insurance companies deny them life-saving medical care. Montanans would lose rural hospitals and mental healthcare. It’s irresponsible and wrong in the middle of a pandemic.