What's at stake for me in the race for AG?

Can the Attorney General really help lower prescription drug prices?

Yes! But we need an Attorney General who is willing to stand up to Big Pharma. Graybill is the only candidate with a plan to hold prescription drug corporations accountable for illegally gouging prices. He's also the only candidate who refuses to accept any political donations from big drug corporations or insurance companies. Graybill wil be a strong, independent watchdog who fights for Montanans and puts an end to the illegal price-fixing that costs Montanans tens of millions of dollars every year.

How do the two candidates for Attorney General differ on public lands?

In Montana, protecting public lands is usually a bipartisan issue. But Austin Knudsen is an extremist on public lands. He's one of the only Republicans in Montana who openly supports selling and privatizing public lands. Knudsen voted to gut Montana’s famous stream access law while he was in the state legislature. Knudsen is suing a group of veterans in his hometown, blocking them from accessing their own public park. Raph Graybill is an active angler and gun owner. He understands the threat shrinking public lands pose to our communities, who hunt and fish as a way of life. Graybill has defended Montana public lands before the Montana Supreme Court -- and won. Dark money special interests from out of state are trying to put gates on our public streams and forests. Protecting our public lands is an issue that unites all Montanans. We can't let Knudsen's extremism win.

How would Austin Knudsen's extremist anti-health care lawsuit affect me?

Austin Knudsen says the whole reason he’s running for Attorney General is to join an extremist lawsuit to kill the Affordable Care Act and rip away our healthcare, which would be a disaster for Montana. It’s irresponsible and wrong in the middle of a pandemic. If you're one of over 400,000 Montanans with pre-existing conditions, insurance companies could deny you life-saving medical care. If you live in a rural part of our state, your local healthcare facilities would close. Montana would lose 10,000 jobs and billions in our economy. Raph Graybill knows that Montanans can’t afford to lose their healthcare during a pandemic. As Attorney General, Graybill will end the extremist, partisan lawsuit that would kill our healthcare law and he will protect Montanans with pre-existing conditions.

Is Austin Knudsen really blocking access to a veteran's park?

It sounds crazy, but it's true. Knudsen and has family own land adjacent to a park used for decades by veterans groups and boy scout troops outside Culbertson. Now they're using their land to block access to the park. But don't take it from us. Austin's neighbors wrote about how devastating the Knudsens' actions have been for the community of Culbertson here.