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The Attorney General can fight to lower prescription drug prices, end surprise medical billing, and make healthcare affordable--now. Graybill's strategy includes measures to protect Montanans during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Montanans must have the right to access quality, affordable healthcare and life saving medications. This has never been more important than now, where the outbreak of COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of fair, affordable healthcare coverage for all.


But the federal government and our current Attorney General are asleep at the wheel, allowing the biggest corporations in the world to take away our healthcare choices and make Montana families pay more for their prescription drugs. We need action, and we can’t afford to wait for Congress or the Montana Legislature. The Montana Attorney General can take action now--today--to fight against rising prescription drug costs and make healthcare affordable for all Montanans.


Graybill’s strategy relies on the inherent powers of the Attorney General, existing Montana law, and innovations in other jurisdictions that the current Republican Attorney General fails to adopt. As Attorney General, Graybill will initiate bold, decisive action to fight for Montanans against out of control insurance and pharmaceutical corporations on day one.


As Attorney General, Graybill will:


Fight to protect Montanans with preexisting conditions

Graybill will intervene and personally litigate on behalf of Montanans--including before the United States Supreme Court--to stop efforts by activist Republican Attorneys General to gut the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that would end protections for Montanans with preexisting conditions and eliminate the bipartisan Medicaid expansion in Montana. Graybill is the only candidate with the experience personally litigating against the biggest corporations in the world, and even the President of the United States, and winning landmark decisions in court for Montanans. He’s a leader ready to take on this crucial work on day one.

The ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 further underscores the challenges that Montanans could face without insurance or if they are denied coverage. But Graybill’s leading Republican opponent has made repealing the ACA the centerpiece of his campaign.

Crack down on pharmaceutical corporations who steal from Montanans through price fixing or other illegal behavior

Graybill will investigate and prosecute big pharmaceutical corporations who use loopholes in the legal system, or illegally collude, to increase prescription drug prices. The Attorney General has a critical role in ensuring a fair, open, and competitive market for prescription drugs--making sure big pharma doesn’t break the law. When the federal government refuses to defend Montanans, Attorneys General must step up to fill the void.


Graybill will use Montana’s unfair trade practices laws, competition laws, and federal competition law to investigate and hold pharmaceutical corporations accountable for illegally raising drug prices. This unlawful conduct costs Montanans millions of dollars, and forces many Montanans to choose between food and having their life saving medication. This is wrong. Montana’s laws prohibit this conduct now--but enforcement hasn’t been a priority of our current Attorney General. Graybill will change that in Montana, and won’t rely on other states to do the work and reap all the benefits of a win in court.


Automatically review increases in drug costs for unfair or deceptive practices

Graybill will conduct a review anytime a prescription drug sold to Montana increases in price 50% or more year-over-year. If the review detects unfair competition practices, price fixing, or other deceptive business practices, Graybill will initiate litigation to recover money for Montanans.

Enforce price gouging laws for essential medicines during public health emergencies--like the COVID-19 outbreak

Graybill will prevent pharmaceutical corporations from taking advantage of public health crises to price gouge on essential medicines like insulin or vaccines. Outbreaks of communicable disease disproportionately affect vulnerable populations. Montanans deserve a fighter in the Attorney General’s office who will prevent big corporations from exploiting a crisis. Graybill will use Montana’s unfair and deceptive business practices laws to protect Montanans from illegal price gouging in times of crisis.


Graybill will also empower and reinvest in frontline consumer protection work in the Attorney General’s office to ensure enforcement against price gouging on other goods-- such as personal protective equipment (PPE), hand sanitizers, toilet paper, cleaning products--during communicable disease outbreaks.


Graybill will recover millions of dollars for Montanans by fighting “delay” schemes on generic drugs--especially when taxpayer dollars pay for a drug’s development

Graybill will enforce state and federal fair competition laws against pharmaceutical corporations who exploit loopholes in our laws to delay the entry of generic drugs into the market. These schemes occur too often and artificially inflate the price of drugs for Montanans. Even though such schemes are against the law, they remain widespread in the absence of serious enforcement by the Attorney General.

So called “pay to delay” price gouging schemes are wrong, especially when the public has contributed public dollars to the development of a drug. Graybill will place a special focus on investigating and prosecuting these cases, where the public has the right to receive the benefits of the drug research they finance--such as a COVID-19 vaccine.


Stand up to insurance companies and fight surprise medical billing, other deceptive practices

Graybill will investigate and bring action against deceptive or unfair billing practices by insurance companies. Montana law currently prevents deceptive business practices. But the business model of creating surprise or misleading bills remains all too common. For some isolated bad actors, these practices are designed to take money away from Montanans. Graybill will hold these bad actors accountable so Montanans can understand and trust the bills they receive for the care they need.


Stay honest and loyal to Montanans by refusing all money from big pharma PACs

It’s no secret why politicians have failed to act on rising prescription drug prices and deceptive billing practices: big pharma finances political campaigns. Graybill is the only Attorney General candidate--of either party--who has pledged not to take any money from corporate PACs, including insurance corporations and big pharma PACs. Graybill is committed to representing Montanans, not out of state corporations.


Graybill is ready to lead--personally--on day one

Graybill’s campaign for Attorney General is about bringing advocacy back to the Attorney General’s office--giving force to the laws that protect Montanans, but don’t mean anything without a fighter ready to use them.


Graybill is a fighter. He is the only Democratic candidate who has taken on the largest corporations in the United States and won, and has the experience to lead complex civil litigation to make healthcare affordable for Montanans. That’s what the Attorney General does, and Graybill is ready to take his experience fighting and winning for Montanans to work on day one to ensure fairness and access to affordable healthcare.