The wait is over:

Graybill's plan to bring mvd into the 21st Century

Graybill proposes overhaul of Motor Vehicle Division to allow online licensing and vehicle titling, to cut lines, reduce delay, and eliminate red tape.

Getting a new driver license in Montana shouldn’t mean waiting weeks for an appointment. And titling a new car shouldn’t mean hours waiting in a county office. For the citizens of Montana and the hard-working public servants at the MVD and in county clerks offices, there is a better way.


As Attorney General, Raph Graybill will bring the Motor Vehicle Division into the 21st Century and reverse years of cuts by the Montana Legislature that have made modernization impossible. He will support the public servants of the MVD as they work to serve Montanans by ushering in a series of initiatives to modernize its services.


As Attorney General, Graybill will:


  • Make the online driver license renewal process under COVID-19 permanent, and allow Montanans to renew their licenses online anytime

    • It shouldn’t take a pandemic for Montana’s driver license renewal process to go online. Since this spring, Montanans have been able to renew their licenses using an online process. Graybill will work to make this convenient, secure means of renewal permanent, so Montanans can skip the lines and renew digitally.

  • Eliminate the federal-ID tax, so Montanans do not have to pay extra for ID cards that allow them to fly

    • It makes no sense that Montanans have to pay extra for an ID card that allows them to fly under onerous federal regulations. Graybill will work to eliminate the federal ID card tax, so Montanans aren’t footing the bill for federal policy changes.

  • Bring the MVD into the 21st century with new software for faster processing and better use of government resources

    • The software currently used by the MVD is antiquated and unreliable. It creates frustrations for both MVD employees and those visiting MVD offices, and it must be changed. Graybill will work with the legislature to oversee the acquisition and implementation of much-needed new software to streamline MVD transactions. 


  • Implement a pilot program for electronic titling of vehicles in Montana and help county treasurer offices quickly and securely process vehicle applications

    • Montanans should be able to leave a dealership with a new car and get their plates in the mail, without having to wait at a county clerk’s office for hours. Graybill will implement a pilot program with county clerks to help usher in a new era of electronic vehicle titling in Montana, to reduce lines, cut red tape, and ease the burden on drivers and county public servants alike.


  • Permit Montanans who are active duty military and Montana residents to renew vehicle registrations and licenses online

    • Growing up in Great Falls, Graybill knows how important it is to make sure that Montanans who are active duty military members receive fair, prompt access to state services. Graybill will ensure that active duty military members who are Montana residents are able to renew vehicle registrations and driver licenses online. That way, Montana residents stationed elsewhere won’t have to return to the state just to keep their registrations and licenses current.


  • Reverse legislative cuts to allow for quicker appointments, shorter lines

    • Montana’s public servants work hard to provide efficient, professional service. But due to cuts in the legislature--including cuts on the watch of Graybill’s opponent Austin Knudsen--the budget for the MVD has decreased. As a result, Montanans have to wait weeks or even months for crucial services. Graybill will fight to restore MVD’s resources in conjunction with modernization, so Montanans can get in, get licensed, and get about their days. 


  • Save specialty license plates in Montana

    • Specialty plates make Montana unique. Unfortunately, legislators sought to eliminate dozens of specialty plates last session which affect 22,000 drivers in Montana and 117 nonprofit organizations. Graybill will fight to restore specialty plates for nonprofit organizations around Montana.