Letter: Graybill committed to fighting human trafficking

The Billings Gazette

October 18, 2020

Recently, regional human trafficking task forces, nonprofit organizations fighting human trafficking, and members of the Montana Beer & Wine Distributors Association interviewed the candidates for Montana Attorney General.

We focused on their commitment to fighting human trafficking in Montana.

Only one candidate came equipped with research on how to effectively prosecute traffickers and help victims. That candidate was Raph Graybill. He understood the need for Montana to take stronger steps in protecting vulnerable populations, building resources for victim services, prosecuting buyers, and going after those profiting from modern day slavery. Since our interview, he’s also released a comprehensive plan to combat substance abuse and addiction in our state.

Graybill knew the facts about human trafficking and came to the interview with a plan to stop it. His opponent, Austin Knudsen, only knew myths about human trafficking and did not propose a single logical idea to address this egregious crime in our state. I've since learned Knudsen has also proposed defunding the budget of state law enforcement, like the Highway Patrol and Division of Criminal Investigation, which would be a disaster for fighting trafficking in Montana. There is currently not enough funding for law enforcement on any level to aggressively fight this crime.

The stark difference between the two candidates in their knowledge of the law and the position of the AG was night and day. Please join me in supporting Raph Graybill for Attorney General. He’s the only candidate with a serious plan and the will to stop trafficking.

Penny Ronning

Yellowstone County Area Human Trafficking Task Force