Letter: Graybill far better candidate to serve as state’s AG

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle

September 12, 2020

Seldom are choices between candidates so different. Raph Graybill, fifth generation Montanan, served as chief legal counsel to Gov. Bullock, clerked for the U.S. Court of Appeals and successfully fought against dark money in Montana politics, believes it’s the job of attorney general to fiercely and proactively fight for the interest of all Montanans regardless of party affiliation.

His opponent, Austin Knudsen has no such experience and sees the job as a partisan. He’s stated that his primary purpose for running for this office is to put Montana’s weight behind a pending suit to kill the Affordable Care Act. As imperfect as the ACA is, it still provides health insurance for over 100,000 Montanans, accounts for over 10,000 jobs and is key to keeping rural hospitals in business. Knudsen also advocates for selling off public lands and defunding the state’s Department of Justice, including the crime lab and state troopers. He’s taken money from tobacco companies who refuse to pay $43 million they owe Montana.

This is a case of two strong candidates running. Knudson would bring great harm to Montanans whereas Graybill will fight to improve the lives of Montanans. We must work to elect Graybill in November.