Letter: Graybill much more experienced than Knudsen

The Billings Gazette

October 23, 2020

As one who has spent his entire career in advertising, I am ashamed to admit that political advertising has hit a new low in the current election cycle.

While there is fact checking on national advertising, local ads are allowed to run without curbs or correction with resulting contradictions and confusion that lead to bad decisions on the part of voters.

Some claims defy logic. Take, for example, the campaign for attorney general. The Republican candidate, Austin Knudsen, would have you believe that since Roosevelt County (population 10,999) is by his reckoning the crime center of Montana and he is the county attorney, he is better qualified for the office of attorney general than his opponent Raph Graybill who is "inexperienced."

Graybill graduated from Yale Law School and turned down lucrative job offers from prestigious New York law firms in order to return to his home state of Montana (population 1,000,000+) and serve as the legal counsel for the governor. In that capacity he has appeared in a number of cases successfully representing the state on important issues.

The duties of attorney general are substantially different from those of county attorney, a distinction that seems to have escaped Knudsen. If prosecution is the end-all of legal practice, Knudsen would do well to stay right where he is. There is a guy in Roosevelt County who is trying to take away medical insurance from thousands of his fellow Montanans, although I doubt that Knudsen will want to press charges.

Joseph S. Sample