Letter: Graybill only candidate with courtroom experience

The Missoulian

October 29, 2020

I'm supporting Raph Graybill for Attorney General because he’s the only candidate with the courtroom experience needed for the job.

During his time as Bullock’s Chief Legal Counsel, Graybill has argued and won many high-stakes legal battles to protect Montanans.

In Bullock vs. Fox, Graybill won a landmark case before the Montana Supreme Court to ensure public access to public lands. In Bullock v. IRS, Graybill took the federal government to court, when they tried to let out-of-state dark money groups shield their corporate donors. He won, helping keep dark money out of Montana’s elections.

And recently, Graybill won a major victory to defend our right to vote-by-mail during the pandemic. Graybill put these out-of-state D.C lawyers on trial and defended this ruling all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and won.

Graybill’s opponent has spent his career as a politician and was only a county attorney for four months before deciding to run for Attorney General. Graybill is the only candidate with the experience to fight and win for Montanans.

Montanans need an Attorney General who can go to court to defend our rights. We must elect someone who’s prepared for that challenge. That’s Raph Graybill.

Dan Eakin,