Letter: Graybill shows up and will stand up for Montanans

The Missoulian

October 8, 2020

As a law student at the University of Montana, I was disappointed to see that only one candidate for Attorney General took the time to appear at a recent debate hosted at the Law School.

That candidate was Raph Graybill. He answered our questions thoughtfully, with intelligence and compassion. It was clear he would make a great Attorney General.

Graybill’s opponent, Austin Knudsen, did not show up.

I have worked with Knudsen before, so I was not all that surprised that he did not appear. My experience with him during the 2017 Legislative Session was very negative. He was a petty and weak leader whose own party abandoned him repeatedly—voting against his extremist views. I remember he left Helena early that legislative session, without finishing his work, just to prevent an infrastructure bill from getting passed. The next year, when Knudsen was no longer in office, Montana finally passed an infrastructure program.

So, for me, the choice between Attorney General candidates is clear. Raph Graybill shows up and is running to stand up for all Montanans. Austin Knudsen seems better at running away.

Brittney Kuntz,