Letter: Graybill understands DCI must be protected

The Missoulian

September 23, 2020

Raph Graybill will protect our Division of Criminal Investigation from Austin's Knudsen’s defunding efforts.

I spent two decades at Montana’s Division of Criminal Investigation before I retired, so I know first-hand how important this agency is to protecting Montanans. As Agent in Charge of the Computer Crime Unit, I helped put child pornographers, murderers, and fraudsters behind bars. Our work made a real difference keeping Montanans safe.

That’s why I’m deeply disappointed that Austin Knudsen, a candidate for Attorney General, has proposed defunding the Department of Justice, which includes DCI. He’s been travelling the state advocating for $30 million in cuts to law enforcement. That’s the last thing our state needs right now.

No agency does more to support local law enforcement than DCI. Its highly-trained professionals sort through complex evidence to help local prosecutors and officers build cases. It’s offensive that Knudsen calls DCI a part of Helena’s bureaucratic bloat. It’s not.

Knudsen’s opponent, Raph Graybill, understands that DCI must be protected. Now more than ever we need strong law enforcement at all levels of our state. Knudsen’s plan to defund DOJ is dangerous and misguided. Please join me in supporting Raph Graybill for AG.

-Jimmy Weg