Letter: Graybill will be watchdog for Montana’s public lands

Bozeman Daily Chronicle

September 16, 2020

Everyone running for office says they’ll protect public lands. Raph Graybill actually does it.

Graybill defended the Habitat Montana program from extremists on the Land Board and won a landmark case protecting public access and the property rights of landowners. And Graybill recently released his plan for public lands and public access, focused on working with county attorneys and stakeholders to solve access issues that keep Montanans locked out of our public lands.

Graybill is a strong advocate for our Montana way of life, and he doesn’t just talk, he acts. This is in stark contrast to his opponent Austin Knudsen who is currently suing veterans in his hometown and blocking access to their own public park. That is not how we treat our heroes who defended our freedom and it’s not the actions we want from our next attorney general.

Knudsen also supports the transfer of our public lands for development and sale. He voted to gut Montana’s stream access laws and defund the Habitat Montana program, which Graybill fought to protect.

I’m supporting Raph Graybill because Montana’s public lands need an independent watchdog who will defend them, not an extremist lapdog who wants to lock us out.