Letter: Graybill will defend access to public lands

The Missoulian

September 9, 2020

Raph Graybill’s platform on public lands focuses on protecting access for all Montanans

As Attorney General, Graybill will fight against illegal barriers that restrict access to our public lands. He’s committed to making sure that we can continue to recreate, fish, hunt, and explore on the land that we all own.

Graybill’s opponent Austin Knudsen has voted against access for hunters and anglers and even supports transferring our public for sale. Amazingly, Knudsen is being sued for using their own private property to block access to a park in Culbertson. The park had been used by military veterans and American Legion members for decades, until Knudsen and his family sealed it off. Knudsen is quite literally part of the problem Graybill is trying to solve!

Graybill understands that we need someone in the Attorney General’s office who will stand up and fight for Montanans. And that means making sure we keep access to our public lands. Graybill has a clear, smart plan to defend our access and protect our heritage from self-interested landowners like Austin Knudsen. When it comes to public lands access and the Attorney General race, the contrast really couldn’t be more stark.

-Layna George