Letter: Graybill will protect health care

The Missoulian

July 8, 2020

As we celebrate our country’s freedoms, the words “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” cause me to consider how our health plays a dominate role in those desires.

Health care is being threatened by the lawsuit that would end the Affordable Care Act and that is why I am supporting Raph Graybill for Montana’s attorney general. When COVID-19 spread to the United States Graybill, as Governor Bullock’s chief cegal counsel, worked to keep Montana’s case count lower and Montanans safe and healthy.

His opponent in the AG race, Austin Knudsen, has a history of trying to roll back health care coverage which would end protections for preexisting conditions and healthcare coverage for thousands of Montanans. Raph Greybull has experience facing the federal government in court and has a plan to preserve healthcare and take on the pharmaceutical industry.

I trust the future of a healthy Montana to attorney general candidate, Raph Graybill.

Janet Martineau,