Letter: Montanans deserve an AG that will fight for their health

The Missoulian

October 12, 2020

A healthy Montana needs Raph Graybill as Attorney General.

The Attorney General is not only the state's chief law enforcement officer, but also the guardian of our constitutional rights and privileges. The office requires a professional with courtroom experience to successfully defend Montana's healthcare system from various lawsuits.

In order to preserve his independence to serve the people's interests Graybill, unlike his opponent, refuses to accept any political donations from big drug corporations or insurance companies, and he refuses all corporate PAC money. And he has the courtroom experience to safeguard protections for Montanans with pre-existing conditions.

Raph's opponent told us that he entered the race because he thought Republican Attorney General Tim Fox was not working hard enough to repeal the federal Affordable Care Act. Graybill's opponent has long opposed that law, and at the state level voted against Medicaid expansion, which covers approximately 90,000 Montanans. In the midst of a lethal pandemic this is irrational and inhumane.

Montanans deserve an Attorney General that will fight FOR their health, not against it. Raph will end this expensive and extremely partisan lawsuit to kill the healthcare law, and instead will work to preserve the laws that keep Montana healthy.

Susanne Galbraith,
Miles City