Raph Graybill is the Future of Montana Politics

The Montana Post

October 20, 2020

They have rigged the courts against us. They’ve worked for years to destroy the rule of law, and to undermine workers, our right to clean air and water, and our faith in democracy.

It will take an experienced advocate to restore the aspirations laid out in our constitution to save our state and our country. It will take someone who knows how to win and how to fight for the people of Montana

That fighter is Raph Graybill. (donate here, I’ll match your donation!)

The guy doesn’t lose and never gives up even when his back is against the wall.

Raph Graybill is a 5th generation Montanan from Great Falls and he works as Governor Bullock’s Chief Legal Counsel.

I’ve watched Raph fight for our state’s highest values in the Governor’s Office, taking on cases that everyone said he had not shot of winning. He took on the biggest legal battles our state has faced in recent years, when our current Attorney General wouldn’t step up and fight for us. And he won.

Raph took on the extremist members of the State Land Board and our Attorney General Tim Fox when they tried to destroy the Habitat Montana program, which provides public access to hunters and anglers, and allows family farm and ranch families to stay on their lands and protect the places we all cherish. Graybill won a landmark victory 6 to 1 before the Montana Supreme Court, protecting public access for hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands.

But he didn’t stop there.

Graybill challenged the IRS and their scheme to shield dark money groups from disclosing their donors. He won the case in federal court for the entire nation. He’s since defended Montana’s DISCLOSE ACT countless times in court, winning cases against the dark money groups coming here to buy our elections.

Graybill also beat big tobacco’s corporate lawyers when they tried to prevent the State of Montana from protecting kids and families from lung injuries caused by vaping products. Many other states went to court against big tobacco to stop these dangerous vaping products. All of them lost. But Raph Graybill won, and protected Montana’s next generation of kids from becoming nicotine addicts.

And just in the last few months, Graybill has won the most high-profile cases in the nation. He sued the federal government to remove the anti-public lands extremist William Perry Pendley from illegally holding office at the Bureau of Land Management. He then sued the U.S. Post Office and Postmaster Louis DeJoy for the changes made to the postal services slowing down deliveries. And, he defended Montanans’ right to vote-by-mail in the upcoming election, winning the case all the way at the U.S Supreme Court.

This is why I am proud to support Raph and I will be MATCHING DONATIONS, up to $250.

Montana needs a fighter who will defend our rights and the people we love. Raph Graybill is the next generation leader we need here in Montana.

Graybill knows what’s at stake. He’s been traveling the entire state talking with doctors, nurses, and healthcare advocates about the partisan lawsuit before the Supreme Court to take away our healthcare and end protections for Montanans with pre-existing conditions. This lawsuit is cruel, especially in the middle of the ongoing pandemic. It was brought forward by Republican Attorneys General, but if we elected Raph, I have no doubt he will go to the Supreme Court and defend our healthcare, and win.

And he’ll continue fighting for us by taking on the pharmaceutical corporations jacking up prices and colluding to take money out of our pockets. He’ll fight for workers in the courts and will play offense to expand worker’s rights and right for fair wages and benefits. He’ll take on monopolies in Big Tech, Big Ag, and the airlines to ensure we are getting screwed.

This is in stark contrast to his opponent Austin Knudsen. Knudsen is the former Speaker of the Montana House of Representatives. His claim to fame is making a sexist dress code telling female legislators to mind their “skirt lengths and hemlines.” He also led the charge against every progressive piece of legislation Governor Bullock passed, from Medicaid expansion and the DISCLOSE Act, to blocking statewide infrastructure.

He’s also voted to gut Montana’s stream access law, kill the Habitat Montana program, and supports the transfer of public lands.

And when Knudsen announced he was running for Attorney General, he said the entire reason was to join the Supreme Court lawsuit to repeal the ACA.

We cannot let Knudsen anywhere near the Attorney General’s Office. He will use the playbook by the Koch Brothers and ALEC to use the courts and AG powers to strip away our rights, everything from worker’s rights and our environment, to a women’s right to choose.

Graybill will protect Montana, and fight for its workers and families. As we’ve seen, he’ll take our rights and protections under the law and give real meaning to them in the courts, finally realizing the aspirations of our democracy expressed in the Constitution.

It’s inspiring to see a candidate who fully understands what’s at stake in this election. Raph doesn’t just talk, he acts. And I can’t wait to see what he’ll do as our next Attorney General.