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“I’m running for Montana Attorney General because Montanans deserve someone who will hold the power accountable and put our values first.” 

—  Raph Graybill, Announcement Speech

Why i'm Running

I'm running for Attorney General to be an independent watchdog for your rights.

We need to fight for a world where:​​

  • Justice is accessible to everyone.

  • Our privacy isn't for sale.

  • Monopolies can't rig prices on things like prescription drugs.

  • As consumers, we make our own choices--and we don't tolerate abuse through fine print.

  • As workers, we control our future--including the right to organize.

  • As citizens, we decide our elections--not out-of-state dark money groups.

  • As public land owners, we defend and expand access to Montana's special places.


This campaign is about more than an election. It's about staking out a place for individual choice and personal freedoms in the face of modern life and new attacks on our rights. 

Every single Montanan is entitled to a lawyer who is looking out for them and no one else.

It's the Attorney General's job to be your advocate and defend your rights--and I will never settle for anything less. 


Throughout the campaign, we'll release a series of policies and initiatives highlighting how the Attorney General can better serve Montanans. Here are two so far:


Read the Announcement Speech

Selections. Cascade County Courthouse, Great Falls, MT.

I grew up two blocks north of here on the corner of 4th and 4th. I am a product of the Great Falls Public Schools, schools that empowered me. And I’m a product of this community. My parents Turner and Jessica are here, my aunt and uncle, friends that have been at my side for years, like Mayor Bob Kelly.


So what brings us here today?


I’m here today, back in my home, because the values this town gave me are alarmed by what’s going on in our country--and the complacency of some in power who tell us that we can’t do better.


Look around. Every person here is struggling with the same problems. We’re paying too much for prescriptions. We’re paying too much for basic things like cell phones or access to the internet . . . plane tickets. We’re seeing our privacy turned into a product and sold to the biggest companies in the world.


This should be a time of great personal empowerment. . . Yet for many of us, there’s something not fully empowering about our time. Something unrealized . . . More and more we find ourselves helpless in the face of forces we don’t control.


You can’t change jobs because you can’t afford to lose the insurance you have. Even with the insurance you have, it’s hard to keep up with the cost of actually getting care.


These phones in our pockets connect us to the world, but they also binds us through hidden contracts to multinational corporations--skimming every dime they can off of us and selling our private data to third party groups. And to use that phone in the first place, we’ve got to sign a contract saying we’ll never sue the company that abuses us.


And in many cases, our own federal government is behind it: empowering the biggest players in every industry to gain more and more unfair advantages. In healthcare. Technology. Agriculture. Travel. The federal government tolerates and promotes unacceptable levels of monopolization and conspiracy that take away our choices and make us pay more. It’s fundamentally unfair. It’s unjust.


. . .


Yes, this should be a time of great empowerment, but we find ourselves more and more subject to forces in our lives that we don’t fully control. You’ve got fewer choices, and you’re going to pay more for them.


Well this isn’t just how things are. These problems aren’t by accident. But what do we do about it?


The Montana Constitution entitles every single person in this crowd to a lawyer looking out only for you--for the public, and no one else.


That lawyer is the Montana Attorney General. And these problems, the everyday problems, are the problems that the Attorney General can do something about.


That’s why, today, I’m kicking off my campaign today, to be your next Attorney General.


I’m running for Montana Attorney General because Montanans deserve someone who will hold the powerful accountable and put our values first.


I know we can do better. I know because it’s all I’ve ever done as a lawyer.


For these last few years I’ve had the honor of fighting for you--for the public--as the lawyer to our great governor, Steve Bullock. We’ve defended Montanans’ rights, and we’ve picked some good fights along the way. . . 


These fights were important, because they made a difference in people’s lives. They weren’t about ideology or helping out a campaign donor--they were about real people. About making government work for us, not the highest bidder.


In Steve Bullock, in Mike McGrath, in Joe Mazurek, we used to have Attorney Generals who fought for Montanans. We had a lawyer with Montanans’ best interests in mind, who went to work every day for you--not for corporations, not for campaign donors. . .


We need an Attorney General who makes it their first priority to fight against big money that’s poisoning our political system--that stands in the way of meaningful change on every single other issue.


We need an Attorney General who fights for our public lands--not against them. Who fights for Montana’s outdoor heritage, and for our family farmers and ranchers . . .


And we need an Attorney General who puts Montanans first, who fights for their 21st century rights and freedoms--not the multinational corporations that would just as soon leave us behind. An Attorney General who fights for our right to privacy and individual dignity, who gives meaning to those guarantees--who will never settle for “just enough.” . . .


The law should work for you. And I know that the law only works if we’ve got someone willing to enforce it. That’s where the Attorney General’s job comes in. It’s what we’ve been missing since Governor Bullock left the job eight years ago.


We’ve got a real opportunity to take the Attorney General’s office back in 2020--to have an Attorney General who fights for us, who isn’t afraid to stand up to an out of control federal government, hold the powerful accountable, and defend our values as Montanans.


It starts here, today . . . We’re gathered here today in the shadow of the Missouri, of one of America’s great rivers. The prophet Amos said, “let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever flowing stream.”


As we take stock of life today, we’re thirsty for justice. We’re looking for that river. But it’s close. With your help, we’ll get there together--and justice will roll down like waters.


Thank you.