Austin KnudseN closed access to a veterans' park in culbertson


What do vets think about Knudsen?

"Keeping veterans, Boy Scouts and neighbors out of a park meant to honor people who have served their country is one of the most un-neighborly things for anyone to do, much less someone who wants to be our next attorney general."

- Peter Olsen, Veteran and Knudsen Neighbor

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"If you are a veteran and want to go to the Veterans' Park near Culbertson, don’t, as his family has denied access."

-Steve Carney, Scobey Resident

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"The town of Culbertson and the Horace Mann Post No. 81 of the American Legion have filed a lawsuit involving the family of House Speaker Austin Knudsen over access to a 35-acre park that hugs the Missouri River. The suit was filed in August against the Knudsen Family Limited Partnership in August and involves a “road strip” on Knudsen property to Legion Park, which is southeast of town."

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  • Knudsen closed access.

  • Knudsen sued vets.

  • Knudsen lied about it.

"I was horrified to learn that Austin Knudsen, who is running for Attorney General, is preventing access to a Veteran’s Park in his hometown of Culbertson. The park is owned by the local American Legion Post and for generations veterans and the public have used a legal right-of-way to access the park. Knudsen has now illegally closed off this access clearly placing his personal interests above those of the public, while also sending a clear message to veterans like me, how he truly feels about the brave men and women of our armed forces."

-Kyle Meakins, Veteran

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"And he has even blocked access to veterans in his home town to their own public park. It’s abhorrent behavior that demonstrates the real character of Austin Knudsen."

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